Friday, October 16, 2009

Öredev 2009, 2-6 November in Malmö

Don't miss the Öredev developer conference in Malmö this year! A lot of interesting sessions, tutorials, courses and it's also a forum for meeting other people in the community! I'm looking forward to listen to Bea Stollnitz (Costa);

Advanced features for line-of-business applications in Silverlight and WPF

The latest versions of Silverlight and WPF make it easier than ever to create compelling user interfaces. This presentation will cover advanced topics of these frameworks, with a special focus on features relevant to business applications. You will gain a solid understanding of virtualization, data validation, and other advanced areas that are sure to increase your productivity and effectiveness.

and her husband Eric Stollnitz;

Interactive Visualizations from Microsoft Research

Today’s software can display information in ways we only dreamed of just five or ten years ago. We’ll look at some of the ways Microsoft Research is contributing to these advances, including projects like Photosynth, Image Composite Editor, HD View, and WorldWide Telescope. We'll see how developers can use similar visualization techniques and take advantage of technologies like Virtual Earth’s Silverlight map control, Silverlight’s Deep Zoom feature, and WPF’s Direct3D integration.

See you there?!

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