Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DELL, MediaDirect and Outlook addin

If you have performance problems and have a computer from DELL with MediaDirect installed. Try to uninstall the plugin for Outlook. Run the .msi file in C:\Program Files\DELL\MediaDirect\OlAddin, choose to remove the plugin. This plugin also caused some very annoying folders (outlook calendar and outlook contacts) to be created everywhere. It also made the texteditor (when writing a new mail) very slow. I hope this will help someone!


Bryan said...

I had exactly the same issue and it was very annoying! This fixed it - thanks for the help!!

Alex said...

I know many tools which work with outlook emails, but no one of theirs couldn't help me some days ago in a hole. Only today I have just caught sight a program - who to open .ost files in microsoft outlook on a soft forum absolutely by chance. With the aid of the program I made up my mind the issue quite simply and fast.